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What Insurance Does Your Business Need?

It can be overwhelming to know how to best care for your office space. Having the right insurance coverage to protect your office building and staff is essential. Coverage will vary depending on your business’s unique needs and your state’s requirements. Discuss your needs with your agent at Germani Insurance Services to determine which type of coverage is best for you.  

Types Of Insurance For Your Business  
Business Insurance coverage for your organization is typically going to come in the form of small business insurance. There are various types of insurance you may need or want for your business: 

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  • General liability: Insures against losses in the event your business is held liable for property damage or personal and advertising injury 
  • Commercial property: Can compensate you for losses or damage to your building, equipment and other property 
  • Professional liability: Helps protect your business against claims that a service your business provided caused a client to suffer an economic or financial loss 
  • Employment practices liability: Helps protect organizations against allegations of wrongful acts that may occur during the employment process 
  • Workers’ compensation: Can cover medical bills or missed wages in the event an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness 

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